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Loan Terms

First lien, commercial hard money loans for the purchase and renovation of single-family or 2-4 unit multi-family, non-owner occupied properties.  Borrowers with a clear exit strategy of either disposing of the property or refinancing and retaining to grow their real estate portfolio.

Loan Term:      3-12 months, with the possibility of extension
Rate:                 10.0-14.0%
Type:                 Interest only
Origination:    2.0-4.0%
LTV:                   70% maximum
Use of Funds:  Purchase and/or Rehab

Loan Process


     Complete Loan Submission Questionnaire


     Meet with our team on site to evaluate the project


     If the project looks promising, you’ll complete our Borrower Application and Project Plan.  We will then make a deeper assessment of project viability and loan suitability.



     We provide you with a Letter of Intent (LOI) summarizing the terms of our proposed funding package.  If you elect to proceed, you will execute the LOI and provide a $500 deposit to cover actual expenses.



     We will verify title is clear and collect essential documents.  We provide a checklist of required documents for the borrower to provide.



     We provide the funds to close.



     We handle the servicing of your loan and communicate with you to ensure the project is moving forward and assist with helping you achieve your exit.

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