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Holt Investment Capital is an alternative investment vehicle, providing short-term, small balance commercial real estate loans in the greater Houston metropolitan region.  We are a direct lender, specializing in bridge and “hard money" loans.


Prospective borrowers are real estate investors in the business of buying and renovating non-owner occupied residential properties with the goal of renting or disposing of the property at project completion.  We provide the capital to allow the investor to finance their project and grow their portfolio or increase turnover.


We believe transparency, integrity and cooperation between ourselves and our borrowers will allow both of us to succeed in our respective positions within the real estate investment value chain.  We will be transparent about our process and opinions. We will maintain a high level of integrity in our business dealings.  We have the same expectations for our borrowers.  Combined with cooperation, we will be able to tackle any issues immediately to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

With prior experience as a real estate investor, from both the purchase and rehab side and as a capital provider, we understand the challenges and opportunities.  We will visit, inspect, and review the project plan for every property we finance, as well as meeting with our borrowers regularly to ensure success.  


We only finance deals we believe can succeed.  Our goal is the development of long-term relationships with our borrowers.


Please contact us to discuss financing for your project.

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